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The sound therapy uses synchronised sounds/waves and guided mediation to bring about whole brain synchronisation. The sound waves range from Alpha to Delta.


Left/Right Brain Synchronised Sound Therapy

We use computer generated Left/Right brain synchronised sound therapy, which is a refined product with many years of research and development. Ongoing experimentation, data collection and analysis are conducted at various laboratories to demonstrate the correlations between subjective experiential reports and objective electronic measurements.

Such research is indispensable in revealing the influence of specific synchronised sound patterns on consciousness. Over the years, these efforts have resulted in the development of scores of individual products for specific applications such as focused attention, stress reduction, meditation, sleep enhancement, and pain control, to name a few.

Medical institutions and universities have scientifically and clinically proven sound therapy technology continues to be the focus of a variety of specialised research projects. In addition, many therapists, physicians, educators, and other professionals use left and right brain synchronised sound therapy to treat many clients.

SAW uses sound therapy in the safety of their centre on Greetwell Road and clients have the opportunity to de-brief with a qualified counsellor after each sound therapy session.

On a day to day basis we only use 10% of our brain therefore we are not using our brain to its true potential by using more of our brain we can create the results we want.

The two sides of our brain, the right and left hemisphere which should work together in a state of coherence but generally produces brain waves that are out of sync so they don’t line up together producing fragmented and unfocussed thoughts.  The audio-guidance process works by producing complex multi-layered audio signals that work together to create a sound, which produces a state of ‘hemispheric synchronisation’. The audio patterns contain binaural beats that raise the state of consciousness.

Studies show that this full brain synchronisation occurs minutes after being exposed to the computer-generated signals.


What Can Sound Therapy Do for You?

  • Reshape your life, focus your intentions to heal yourself, release fears and blocks.

  • Access new levels of knowledge and wellbeing

  • Create an increased energy vibration that attracts things you desire and shields you from things you don’t, manifest your desires.

  • Get answers to questions such as ‘what is my purpose?’ ‘what is my goal in life?’ receive creative solutions to your questions.

  • Become calmer, focused and creative

  • Proven to work

Course Outline

We now offer sound therapy at its centre on Greetwell Road, Lincoln, using this sound synchronised system. This course of sound therapy is taken over a number of weeks with the client experiencing the synchronisation of both hemispheres of the brain at our centre. The client spends a day with us listening to the first 6 computer generated tracks of the 1st Sound Wave of the programme. The tracks are listened to over three intervals with two tracks heard in conjunction followed by a break then tracks 3 and 4, a break and then the last two tracks. 


The client then returns a week later to experience the second wave of the programme of 6 computer generated sounds). There are in total six programmes (Waves) to experience with 6 tracks per wave and the programme lasts 6 weeks.

The full six-week course costs £600.00

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